Lize Maree, a bedridden 38 year old Hospice palliative care patient from Sedgefield, had a dream come true earlier this month when she had a personal visit from her favourite artist…

‘We are all Beautiful. We are all magical, deserve to be adored…’ sings Kahn Morbee of the Parlotones, and he must know what he’s singing about since it made him and the Parlotones internationally famous.

Surely there are none more beautiful than those who are in service to others? The team from our local Hospice and Kahn Morbee himself provided a shining example of the kind of people that we should all strive to be.

Lize’s mother Bets says that despite being bedridden, Lize is in good spirits and pretty much like any other 38 year old woman. She has long been a huge fan of the The Parlotones and one of her biggest regrets is that she never attended a live concert of theirs. Members of the Hospice heard about this and obviously some thought wheels started turning. Days later who should walk through her door? None other than Kahn Morbee himself!

After a recent series of gigs in and around the Garden Route, he had been contacted by Hospice and asked if he would consider popping in to say “Hi!” to Lize, and that’s exactly what he did! The artist spent some wonderful one-on-one time at her home, really getting to know her. In star-struck Lize’s words, “This is the best day of my life!”. At the end of the visit the happy lady added “The best thing about being sick is Hospice.”

Thrilled with how the day turned out, Hospice PR lady Ashleigh Sanders Smith said “Knysna-Sedgefield Hospice recognizes that our patients need and deserve to have holistic care, covering their physical, psychological-social and spiritual needs.”

Well done to the team at Hospice that made it happen and kudos to Mr Morbee on being not only an excellent artist but a true ‘mensch’ as well. We will never really know of all the work that Hospice does in our community and we’ll never be able to thank them enough.