One of our regular contributors Nikki Smit spent last week in Namaqua, competing in the gruelling yet life-changing Expedition Africa as part of the team ‘Special Kind Of Idiots’. She and team-mates Zane Schmahl, Janine Linder and Jesse Tement completed the 530 km course in 136 hours 50 minutes and 9 seconds.
52 Adventure Racing teams from all over the world competed in this event, which included 347km of mountain biking, 160km of trekking and 50km of kayaking. Competitors faced extreme exhaustion as they battled across the most rugged of mountainous terrain including an approximate elevation gain of 9643metres. Sleep was snatched in brief pockets along the way, and supplies picked up at compulsory check points. The eventual winners were Russia’s Skylotec Adventure who completed the gruelling course in 82hours and 11minutes. Even they took a full day longer than the race organisers estimated.
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