The following is a warning from Community Orientated Policing (COP).
This past week has seen a sudden spike in burglaries throughout Sedgefield. In fact we have not seen such activity for a very long time. Should this trend continue, we will definitely be on par with crime that occurred back in 2009/2010 (according to figures gathered by Sedgefield Community Intelligence Centre – SCIC)..Current Modus Operandi’s are as follows:
1) One particular criminal is targeting properties at night, despite residents being at home or not. On one particular evening this past week, he targeted several properties along Flamingo, Heron Walk & Crane Walk. Despite a presence of COP, ADT & SAPS personnel, he continued to move between properties in the dark. In one incident, he was cornered by a resident in a property where he attempted to steal laptops and a handbag, but managed to slip away after dropping the goods. We believe the same individual returned to the Sedgehill area last night, only to throw a brick through a window and snatch a laptop whilst the residents were in the house. This individual is brazen!!
2) Another group of criminals have been breaking through house roofs by removing the tiles, climbing into the ceiling and, in most cases disabling the alarm system, before selectively stealing jewelry and cash. These incidents have occurred when the residents have left the house for a period of only 1 to 2 hours.
We can assure you that these criminals sit and watch your property and hit it as soon as you leave. They are professional as they know how to get past the perimeter areas which are not covered by detector beams. They also know exactly where and how to disable your alarm system before it can notify the security company.

We are appealing to all residents to please be more vigilant and to take every precaution possible to avoid being a target. If you believe your house or a neighbours house is being watched by criminals, or if you think there is a prowler doing his rounds, call us immediately on 0745067242.