Residents aged 60 years and over are urged to have their COVID-19 vaccination after making sure they are registered on the Government Portal Various vaccination points are open around Knysna, with the Sedgefield Clinic administering doses this week on Wednesday 30 June, Thursday 1 July and Friday 1 July, and next week on Monday 5 July, Thursday 8 July and Friday 9 July. They will be accepting 50 appointment vaccinations and 50 walk-ins each day.
“The rate of infection is increasing dramatically in Greater Knysna,” said Acting Municipal Manager Dawid Adonis. “Where we had zero recorded active cases just a few short weeks ago, 165 active cases had been recorded by Thursday 24 June. Only three days later, this number had jumped to 211 active cases by Sunday 27 June.”
The Department of Health recorded a spike of 60 new infections in Knysna from 21 to 24 June. “Knysna recorded 27 new active cases in less than 24-hours between Wednesday and Thursday last week alone,” said Adonis. “This sudden jump is a frightening indicator of what may lie ahead of us if we do not act now and strictly adhere to the newly imposed amended Level 4 lockdown regulations.”
“We have gone beyond asking our residents to stay safe,” said Adonis. “We are now pleading with you to do all you can to curb the spread of this deadly virus. Please, do not wait to be placed under Level 5 of lockdown again, stay away from gatherings – even attending a book club or stokvel meeting during this time could prove dangerous or deadly and is prohibited.”
Public halls and sports facilities will be closed, and no more than 50 people are allowed to attend a funeral or cemetery at the same time. Beaches and parks are still open, but no gatherings will be allowed at either. “At a district level, we will ask the SAPS to assist us in enforcing these public protocols if necessary,” Adonis confirmed. “Museums and libraries are closed to patrons, but those who require assistance in registering for their vaccines may still visit any of our libraries to do so.”
“All essential services will be rendered. However, certain municipal buildings are closed to the public unless per prior appointment. The banking hall of the customer care centre remains open for the time being,” he continued. “We are also implementing more stringent internal prevention measures. All Council and administrative meetings will take place virtually, and we will ensure that our staff adhere to internal regulations and safety measures.”
“Please register to receive your vaccine as soon as you can and be sure to attend your appointment at the specified location, on the specified day, in the appointed time slot,” Adonis concluded. “We all knew that this pandemic would be with us for the foreseeable future, and we all knew that we would have to change our behaviour to keep ourselves, others and our economy safe. Please act responsibly and help us to keep Knysna inclusive, innovative, inspired and safe.” As of 1 July people 50 years and older may register for the Covid vaccine on