Picture:- Old friend of The EDGE (and often our technological life-saver) Christo du Preez married Theresa Styles just before Christmas.
We couldn’t resist sharing this lovely picture of the couple. The full story of their quirky betrothal is on page 3 of the latest edition.

As this is our first edition of 2021, we’d like to wish you all a Happy New Year…. we’d really, really like to.

Though it has started unlike any other year in memory (unless you are old enough to recall the 1918 Spanish Flu epidemic) it also feels like everything is staying the same. What happened to that bright and shiny, COVID-free new year, where we were planning to hit the ground running with clean slates clutched in our hands…?

But what the heck – all of us at The EDGE DO wish everyone – our readers, our writers, our advertisers and even our braai-starters – the absolute best that 2021 has to offer. Good health, precious time with loved ones, and an absolute ABUNDANCE of joy, even if you do find it in totally different forms this year.

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