Our last edition of 2021!

With a couple of tough years behind us, many will be delighted to have some free days to wind-down, (apart from Christmas shopping), spend time with family and friends (apart from Christmas shopping), really listen to our children (apart from when they want to go Christmas shopping) and focus on what’s most important in life (and it’s certainly not Christmas shopping!).

Financially, many of us will be glad to see the back of 2021 (and Christmas shopping) and be more than relieved that we have made it through to the end of this year, even if it is just to gather strength for whatever 2022 plans to throw at us.
But in all the excitement of being surrounded by so many people, be it family, friends, or simply the abundance of folk spending their time in the Garden Route, let’s be sure to remember what Christmas is really all about. It’s a time to celebrate, with others, the awesome gift that we were given two centuries ago. The gift of Jesus Christ, who came to bring us all life, hope and freedom. (It’s free – no credit card or payment plan required, and there’s no queue at the till either.). Now isn’t THAT something worth celebrating?

Here is wishing all our readers, writers, advertisers, friends of The EDGE’ and visitors all the REAL joys of Christmas.

And, of course, an AMAZING 2022!