On Monday evening, two members of The EDGE team were given a ‘sneak preview’ of the Melodrama when the cast put on a free show for the Golden Oldie members of the Sedgefield community. What an uplifting treat it was for EVERYONE and a wonderful reminder that Melodrama time is the most wonderful time of the year! Melanie Baumeister took pictures and wrote the following report.
Sedgefield is known for its many breathtaking views and its quintessential small-town vibe. These days, it is also earning a reputation for being a place of Exciting Things To Do, from the kite surfing and paragliding side of things to the realm of live entertainment in music, theatre and, in this case, our town’s biggest annual fundraiser, The Melodrama.
And oh boy, does Melodrama 2023 deliver the goods!
Since its inception over a decade ago, the show has been through several producers and directors, each bringing their own brand of magic to the boards. Each year without fail (because we don’t count the pandemic), the coffers of local charities have been topped up thanks to the star-quality efforts of our community. With Margie Van Rensburg and Ian Perryman at the helm this year, it was a sure-fire recipe for an amazing event!
Bravo!! Bravo!! Bravo!!
The uplifting, quirky, and, in some cases, utterly hilarious music choices and skits are delightfully interpreted by the bright-eyed cast. Amongst them, you will see many local faces:- estate agents, a nursery owner, a market manager, retired actors and dancers, accountants, a school secretary and even the boss of a transport company. But will you recognise them makin’ their moves in their magnificent Melodrama garb?
The choreography is just right and perfectly suited to all levels of talent, from the seasoned dancers (there’s even a cruise ship dancing instructor!) to the brave people with two left feet who just do it anyway. The vibrant costumes are the cherry on top. Expertly tailored to each player, they are the subtle supportive act to each and every body under the lights.
The ‘family’ that forms as people are cast into brilliant and bizarre roles is precisely what this community project is about. Intrepid souls who have a compulsion to hop up and clown about on stage. The technical crew behind the scenes who run the lights, sound, curtain, costume changes, etc. The videographer who captures it all. It’s almost impossible to list every aspect of what brings a show of this magnitude to fruition in just eight short weeks. Last but by no means least, we must mention the ever-loving Sedgefield Lions who serve tirelessly as ‘front of house’.
Thank you to each and every one of you for creating just the ticket to transport us, the general public, away from the humdrum of everyday life.
If you don’t have tickets for Melodrama ’23 yet, PLEASE don’t hesitate to snap up what’s left at the box office (open from 9-12 at Cycleworx). You’ll be glad you did because, just for an evening, this production will entertain and delight, all in the name of charity.