Yes Sedgefarians, it is time to once again celebrate the Easter Weekend in our own very special, and very ORANGE way.
The Slow Festival way.
It skipped a year, but now it’s back, and we surely hope it will do justice to the fantastic Slow Festivals we’ve enjoyed before.
And with most of the organising (and stressing!) having been done in advance, it’s over to all of us – locals and visitors alike – to take the festival by its orange horns and enjoy it to the full!
Whether you take part as a spectator (dressed in your best orange garb of course) or an active participant in one of the wonderful events on the program (see full list on page 6 of this issue), you’ll be playing your role in creating a memory-filled long-weekend for one and all.
From ‘The Way of the Cross’, which shares the true meaning of Easter, to the Sandcastle building competition, to the ‘Big Palooza’ music event, there truly is something for everyone.
And please – don’t forget to send your best Sedgefield Slow Festival pictures to