(The names of those involved in this case have been withheld for obvious reasons)
A Smutsville mother is calling on the community to confront the very real problem of child molestation in this area This after her 11-year-old son was taken by a grown man and raped, two days in a row.
The devastated mother said that the first instance happened on Thursday 1st March, when the perpetrator allegedly met her son as he was leaving school. The man instructed the boy to go with him, and when he refused, simply picked the young lad up and carried him on his shoulders, threatening to hurt him if he called out or struggled.
He took the boy to a public toilet block not too far away, where the terrible deed was done. Before letting the boy go he once again threatened his life should he tell anyone what had happened, and overcome with fear the terrified boy said nothing to anyone.
The man returned the following day and repeated the whole heinous act.
The terrible crime may have gone unreported if it hadn’t been for the boy’s grandmother, who noticed a change in his behaviour the next day whilst she was looking after him and his brother. She asked him why he was getting so angry and lashing out at his younger sibling, and kept pushing until finally the boy could not keep the terrible secret any longer.
The matter was reported to the police and medical personnel examined the boy and confirmed that he had indeed been molested. The boy did not know his attacker, but through a turn of various events (details of which cannot be reported here as they could affect the case) he was later able to positively identify the man to a police officer.
Spokesperson for SAPS, Knysna, Sergeant Chris Spies, has since confirmed that a 36-year-old male suspect was arrested and appeared in the Knysna Magistrates’ court on 14 March 2018. This suspect is still in custody awaiting a date for a formal bail application. His name cannot yet be released due to the nature of the case.
The boy is meanwhile being counseled by a social worker. Though he still has regular bouts of anger and frustration, his mother reports he is slowly showing signs of improvement.
Still visibly shaken by her son’s horrific ordeal, she is understandably heartbroken but says that this is certainly not an isolated case of molestation and abuse in the local area. She believes that it is time to break the silence over these sorts of social issues in the community.
“People aren’t speaking out enough about this sort of crime,” she says, “It is happening, but they are quiet about it.”
Her desperate request is for community leaders to lead the community in taking action against these terrible crimes. She asks that everyone watches what is going on on the streets.
“If you see someone walking with a child who you know does not belong to them, ask questions. Speak to the child’s parents,” she pleads.
Children should be advised that they may report such cases to a health worker, the local clinic or the local police station. They may also contact the toll free number for childline 0800 05 55 55.