The Environmental Health Practitioners of Eden District Municipality are continuing preventative actions to prevent further outbreaks of Listeriosis, which comprise monitoring of retailers to ensure that no suspected products remain on shelves, ensuring safe disposal and incineration of recalled products, investigations and inspections at food premises to ensure hygienic conditions and practices at food premises and Listeriosis prevention education and awareness actions.

In addition to the Enterprise range, Tiger Brands has issued a precautionary recall of all ‘Snax’ branded products.

As the distribution partner, Clover will facilitate the customer and consumer recall process. On 19 March 2018, Clover issued the procedure to be followed in handling the Snax Product Recall, which will comprise two components – the first being the trade recall/withdrawal and the second being the consumer/shopper return component.

With regards to the shopper/consumer returns, the shopper will bring the product back to the store for a full refund, irrespective of till slip being available or not.  Clover will be responsible for the collection and uplift of all products affected by the recall – this includes both customer and consumer returns. Clover will be responsible to safely remove products from stores and will also manage the safe destruction of recalled products at a registered incinerator.