Yes – a huge Sedgefield welcome to all the lucky visitors who have chosen to leave the hustle and bustle and spend their end-of-year holiday in this beautiful neck of the woods.

Before sneaking off for our summer hibernation, the entire EDGE team (that’s all six of us, including the editor, sub editor, writers, sales team, everyone on the accounts floor, the IT department, the production director and his side-kick, the administrator, the conflict arbitrator, the personnel officer, the peace officer, the office-cleaner, caterer, legal advisor and the entire complaints complement of staff) would like to wish EVERYONE (even the fellow who regularly terrorises our Complaints Department) an incredibly merry, happy, joyous, relaxing, unbeatable, profitable, special, humbling, debt-free, blissful, quiet, lekker, jolly, sharp-sharp, raucous, ayoba, mushi, comfortable, action-packed, elegant, cheerful, generous, good-good, peaceful, outrageously wild, humorous, successful, pleasurable, lucky, fortuitous, blessed, warm, cool, heartfelt, romantic, whacky, cuddly, entertaining, sober, stressless, fun-filled, fancy, rejoicing, amusing, panic-free, hilarious, bright, wonderous, good-willed, colourful, present-filled, turkey-stuffed, fantastic Christmas!
And as for the New Year, well we really hope you have a super-duper, magical, cool, party-on-dude, extra special, better-than-peanut-butter, fantabulous, totally awesome, richly rewarding and brilliantly blessed one of those too!

See you on the beach!