Quick thinking action by Sedgefield’s security partnerships has led to the apprehension and arrest of two armed robbers, not long after they had held two schoolgirls up at knife-point.

Just before twenty minutes to three in the afternoon of Monday 5 October, Juanita van der Westhuizen – a member of Sedgefield’s Community Orientated Policing (COP) – received a telephonic report about a robbery. She was informed that two high school girls had been dropped off on the N2 after school and were heading back to their homes in Smutsville along Aloe Street when they were approached by the two perpetrators.

The girls reported that the men had walked up to them quite casually and demanded that they hand over their phones and money threatening that if they didn’t, they would be killed. The perpetrators backed up this threat by brandishing knives. When the girls handed over their two phones and fifty Rand the men fled with their bounty in the direction of the N2.
On hearing the report, Juanita immediately alerted COP’s security partners – Phangela, Fidelity ADT and Suiderkruis – as well as the Sedgefield Police. As the search for the two men ensued she scoured the area from her own property situated at an elevated vantage point. Seeing two men who fitted the description she had been given by the girls, she was able to direct operations and eventually guide security vehicles to the perpetrators.
Security personnel swiftly intercepted both men on the N2 as they ran in the direction of Knysna. As they closed in and attempted to make an arrest one of the men pulled out a knife and threatened them. However, this did not deter them from bringing them both down. The perpetrators were duly disarmed and cuffed and, when SAPS arrived minutes later, both were arrested and taken into custody. They had in their possession both the girls’ phones and their money, as well as items of clothing presumed to be intended for ‘quick changes to avoid recognition.

It has since been ascertained that neither of the suspects is resident in the Greater Knysna area.
“This teamwork which resulted in such success once again proves the effectiveness of our COP and emergency services partnership,” commented Michael Simon of COP.