The beginning stages of a new life started for an Elandskraal family who suffered an extensive loss during the recent fires, as Rebuild Eden Sedgefield, together with Gift of the Givers, laid the foundations for their new home.

Many lost so much in the blazes of early June, but hearing how the Liepner family were so desperately affected all but blows the mind. Not only was Cheryl and Nick’s Elandskraal home of 32 years, with business workshop attached, razed to the ground, but their son, Zak lost his house next to Timber Village. Furthermore, Cheryl’s antique shop – the popular ‘Country Way’ situated near the N2 / Old Cape Road intersection – also burned down.
The family have been very moved, especially by the generosity of individual donors. “The big organisations have been extremely kind, but what stands out for us is how amazing the small people on the ground have been,” says Cheryl, “We cannot believe how much people in their own private capacity are prepared to help.”

Their new 42 square metre home – comprising two bedrooms, and a bathroom, living area, kitchen and patio – is the pilot project of many that will be built in the area, thanks to the Rebuild Eden (Sedgefield) and Gift of the Givers partnership.