This visual of hope for Sedgefield was captured by Marine Ranger Jonathan Britton of SANParks.

As more and more businesses are allowed to open, there is indeed hope that somehow Sedgefield will return to normal after such an extended lockdown. But it is the ‘New Normal’ that has become a reality.

Whilst we are all able to enjoy more and more of this town’s wonderful offerings, the numbers of COVID-19 infections are increasing (see article below) and it is of utmost importance that we all abide by the social distancing, mask-wearing and sanitizing guidelines as prescribed by our health authorities. Even if you are not in agreement with these rules, please be aware that businesses may well be shut down if their customers do not comply, so their future is in everyone’s hands.

The following paraphrase of an anonymous social media post says it all. “As businesses start to re-open, please understand that many of them have just survived one of the hardest professional and personal challenges they have ever faced. Whilst they are excited to be back in business, the owners and their employees are still stressed, and they are not through the woods yet.

“Please do not go to these businesses and complain about all the new policies and protocols that they must put in place by law. Please accept changes that may have occurred due to lost revenue or less employees. The owners more than likely do not have the same business they had two months ago, and whilst most are doing everything they can do to adapt to the situation, there is no doubt that the ‘New Normal’ is very different to how they are used to doing business.

Be kind, be compassionate and have patience.” And please, please, wherever possible, support local.