On 15 October at 4pm, four well known local men braved the cold and indeed surprised looks of drivers, pedestrians, shoppers and shopkeepers as they dashed along the streets of Sedgefield wearing nothing but the skimpiest of purple speedos.

Their courageous run was part of the Hollard Daredevil Challenge to promote awareness of prostate cancer. Like other small pockets of runners all over the country, Mike Wood, Pedro Goncalves, Stephan Jansen Van Rensburg and Trystenn Titchener stripped down to (almost) bare essentials and set off from Cafe Vienna on a short but well witnessed run through the CBD and back. Traffic stopped, and surprised pedestrians cheered them along the way.

We aren’t sure if they “Ran Cancer out of the ‘hood” as the Daredevil campaign suggested, but they certainly provided some spring cheer on the streets of Sedgefield.

According to the Prostate Cancer Foundation of South Africa, the latest projections show that prostate cancer will be the most common cancer in South Africa by 2030. Early diagnosis can mean a 95% chance of being cured – So get checked! Visit www.prostate-ca.co.za for more information.