With a year behind us that has been filled with moments both light and dark, it’s important to relax for a while, and try to shed any load 2022 may have left on your shoulders.

So… this holiday, hit the ‘off switch’ and take time to generate happy memories with your family and friends as you recharge those drained batteries.

Perhaps, at some stage, you might even fit in a ‘power nap’ or two?
(Somebody stop me!)

Please remember – Christmas shouldn’t be about rushing around trying to remember everyone on your present list. Christmas should be a time to celebrate, with others, the awesome gift that we were given 2000 or so years ago. The gift of Jesus Christ, born to bring life and hope and freedom to all. (And it’s a genuinely free gift – no credit card details or eft required, there’s no queue at the till and you don’t even have to stress that the courier finds your house!)

And it’s even available during load-shedding!

Here’s wishing all our readers, writers, advertisers, and ‘friends of the EDGE’ the true blessing and real joy of Christmas.

And a light-filled 2023!