After a year that has brought extremes of both tragedy and joy to Greater Knysna, it is so good to reach the December season, which brings a much-needed busy time for many, and an equally necessary unwinding time for others.
And let’s face it – with the B&Bs, holiday houses and restaurants full to overflowing, it gives locals even more opportunities to offer that famously warm Garden Route welcome!
As this is our last newspaper of the year, The EDGE team would like to thank all our local readers, writers and advertisers for their wonderful support over this year (and the 19 years preceding it!).
Here’s wishing you all a (take a deep breath now) wonderfully merry, happy, joyous, relaxing, unbeatable, profitable, special, humbling, debt-free, blissful, quiet, lekker, sharp-sharp, raucous, comfortable, action-packed, generous, peaceful, outrageously wild, humorous, pleasurable, fortuitous, blessed, warm, cool, heartfelt, romantic, whacky, cuddly, entertaining, sober, stressless, fun-filled, fancy, amusing, panic-free, hilarious, wondrous, good-willed, colourful, present-filled, tummy-satisfied, Christmas!
By the time you read this we will have (hopefully) put our trusty computers in ‘Sleep’ mode, closed up offices, set the 27 different alarms, fed the snakes (just saying) and scampered off to the beach. We will be back at the media grindstone refreshed and so much more cheerful on the 4th of January to begin work on our first edition of 2018, so remember to send all your news, views, PHEW!s, and Whoo-hoos to from that date onwards.
May God bless each and every one of you with the warmest and richest of his love!