At time of going to press, The EDGE Team is filled with an almost overwhelming sadness over the dark time that South Africa is currently going through. The carnage going on elsewhere in the country is not local news, but it affects each and every one of us. We hope above hope that by the time this newspaper is on the streets, the lawlessness that has resulted in so many deaths and so much destruction – physical and emotional – will be coming to an end.

Lord have mercy.

But whilst we all feel helpless, there is something that we can do to help. We can start by not spreading fear. Fear often leads to anger, and anger often leads to words – written or spoken – that cannot be unsaid. Fear can break the bonds we have holding our community together.

We can try not to blame anyone other than those committing the crimes, those who are destroying and stealing. We can make an effort not to vent our anger on people who might just be dealing with this in a different way to us. We can remember that on either end of every discussion, post or exchange of words is a human, just like us.

We can be kind to everyone we speak to, whether on social media, on the phone or in person, and remember they are also stressed. They might also have family in one of those areas.

We can think twice before sharing or forwarding stuff. We can ask will it help? Is it absolutely true? And more importantly, is it necessary?

We can not let the current situation rob us of our hope.

Our heartfelt condolences go to those families who have lost loved ones, and the many, many folk who have lost property, their businesses and their place of work. We so look forward to the time that these riots will be part of our country’s very chequered past rather than its current reality.

And we WILL get there, because South Africans are nothing if not resilient.