On Friday 25 November, just a week or two prior to the start of the peak tourist season, a fire left the Tsitsikamma Cattle Baron Restaurant and the adjoining shop at Storms River Mouth SANParks camp in a smouldering heap of ashes.

The fire, which started on Friday afternoon and spread quickly through the connected timber structures, was fortunately kept to just those buildings, affecting none of the lodges and chalets.

SANParks spokesperson Nandi Mgwadlamba said that whilst the cause of the fire is under investigation it is believed to have broken out in the restaurant kitchen. Furthermore, even though the restaurant and nearby shop have been burned down completely, the rest of the camp is open and safe.

” A chopper was dispatched in time to protect the fire from spreading to the forest area,” she assured the media in an email dispatched at 9am Saturday, “It is currently under control and no injuries have been reported.  Park officials are meeting on site this morning to assess the extent of the damage, insurance teams will be on site tomorrow . The rest of the camp is safe and visitors carry on enjoying their stay in The Park.”

She added that activities such as hiking would still be accessible, and the popular route route to the suspension bridge was expected to be open by noon.