When upliftment of the youth is the buzz phrase, and many are talking the talk with regard to ‘keeping the youngsters off the streets’, it is such great news when this becomes a reality – particularly one that is so very cool!
Quietly passing on his passion for his favourite sport is Slade West, the six-foot-plus surfer who has been shredding local waves since he was knee-high to a sea-slug. For years Slade has been running the Slow Town Surf Development Squad, teaching Smutsville’s youngsters to bravely take on the thrills and spills of a sport they previously wouldn’t have dreamed of learning.
Last weekend three of his young surfers were selected to represent the SWD District in a national surfing competition in Cape Town. In the picture is Chandler Koetzee who will be heading to the event along with club mates Jureldo and Sumien Armoed.
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