When a few selfless people put their shoulders to the wheel, it has a ripple effect, and great things start to happen. Revive Sedgefield has been testimony to that, and it seems that it isn’t only their hardworking team that is out and about (dare we say it) Making Sedgefield Great Again!

“Revive Sedgefield” was launched on 21 June after a public meeting initiated by Sedgefield Ratepayers and Residents Association (SR&RA) showed great enthusiasm amongst residents for cleaning up, beautifying, and reviving Sedgefield’s public places.

As Lilith Seals, Chair of SR&RA, succinctly says, “The people who want to do something instead of moaning about the state of our town have gotten together and started!”

Once the SR&RA had got the ball rolling, a committee of six Sedgefielders was formed, with Linda Patton as Chair. Meetings were held to discuss the logistics of making the Revive Sedgefield project work and keeping it energised. After that, there was a call for volunteers, and soon a work group of people happy to put their hands in the soil and a spade in the ground was ready for action. It was recommended that they start with small steps and work on one small project at a time.

The first project, which started on 25 July, involved the Municipal offices and the Library gardens. These have been weeded, composted, landscaped, tidied up, and planted. And it really has made a difference.
The next step will be to look for funding. Or contributions. Or help with planting or improving the visual look of our town. Small steps! The Knysna Municipality has already contributed plants from the Municipal Nursery, and the fire department has helped by watering the gardens once they have been planted.

“When the government and community come together, things get done,” says Lilith, “Sedgefield Ratepayers and Residents association would like to thank the energetic and enthusiastic Revivers!”

Meanwhile, Lindie and Kayla, the two young ladies that make up ‘Team Creatively’, have finished their (much) larger-than-life mural at the Swallow Street Shopping Centre. It is both quirky and beautiful and, judging by the positive reaction of so many locals, is another excellent effort towards Sedgefield’s make-over.