It is indeed Christmas time, the most wonderful time of the year, you might say. And the team at The EDGE would certainly agree with your sentiments.

Families are coming together to celebrate this most special season with one another, there’s a general feeling of excitement in the air from all the girls and boys, their parents and grandparents, and of course the local shopkeepers, who have waited all year for this season of hustle and bustle!

The entire EDGE staff (designers, writers, salespeople, accounts department, proofreaders, editors, sub-editors, sports, crime and social editors, customer liaison officers, tea and coffee artisans, cleaners, maintenance crew, IT guys, page-layout artists, photographers, printers, legal advisors and crossword compilers) would all six like to wish everyone the most wonderfully, happy, relaxing, family-filled, action-packed, laughter-packed, picnic-packed, rested, enriched, humble, joyful, grateful, thankful, thoughtful, peaceful, tummy-full, hilarious, gregarious, and absolutely fantastic Christmas!

Oh, and a Happy New Year too. God bless you all and thank you for your valued support and encouragement in 2018.