(Picture Knysna & Partners Board Chairperson Elmay Viljoen Bouwer and Knysna Executive Mayor, Eleanore Bouw-Spies and Knysna earlier today (12 July) during the official signing of the SLA.)
The Knysna Municipal Council resolved on 26 May to renew the Service Level Agreement (SLA) with Knysna and Partners (K&P) for 12 months. Thereafter followed a month and a half of stressful to-ing and fro-ing, leaving residents and indeed members of the Knysna and Partners staff wondering if the deal would ever be cut and dry. Thus a huge sigh of relief was the order of the day when the SLA was officially signed on 12 July.
Knysna Executive Mayor executive mayor, Eleanore Bouw-Spies said, “I am delighted that we have reached this agreement to renew the contract between Council and K&P. The economy of this town is dependent on tourism, including the livelihoods and employment of people. We need to do everything possible to protect and grow our economy. As we work to rebuild our town, it is more than ever vital that we continue to revive and grow in our tourism sector as it is one of the main economic drivers of Greater Knysna. Through this agreement we are also saving jobs for our local people.”
Bouw-Spies explained that the Knysna and Partners’ performance will be monitored and that they are required to report to Council. “As per section 4.2 and 4.3 of the SLA, it is specifically agreed that K&P shall within 30 days of signature submit an implementation plan for the services set to the Municipal Manager. It is further agreed that K&P shall enter into a performance agreement whereby their performance as a service provided will be evaluated, quarterly against pre-determined performance objectives.”
The Mayor concluded, “Before the devastating fires, Knysna was a popular tourist destination and well-known international brand and we would like to keep it that way. We are confident that this will be possible through a strong relationship between Council and Knysna and Partners.”