In recent weeks there has been much talk of the amazing things that might happen if the various communities of Sedgefield worked together for a common cause. The recent ‘Paint-a-thon’ at Smutsville Primary School was proof in the pudding!

On Saturday morning, 21 July, more than 80 locals descended on the school (officially known as Sedgefield Primer) with the common aim of sprucing it up for the kids and the staff. With so many volunteers in place, ranging from the very young to the very senior and coming from all walks of life, no less than twelve school classrooms were painted in five hours.

The initiative was driven by Ashley and Devon Basson. Ashley, a teacher at the school, had asked her husband to assist her in revamping her classroom when she arrived last year. The results were so impressive that they decided the other classrooms could do with the same treatment. They appealed for help from the public – and boy did they get it!

Principal Hariette Heyns and the School staff are very grateful for everyone’s input and look forward to many more projects that will improve the environment for the scholars at Sedgefield Primer.