Suspended Knysna Municipal Manager, Grant Easton,  tendered his resignation yesterday, 15 March, during a disciplinary hearing. 

According to a press release from the Municipal Communications Department, the disciplinary hearing was convened after Easton was charged last year with misconduct in relation to several serious irregularities which occurred during his tenure. At the hearing the Municipality called several witnesses to testify in the case against him.

“In the opinion of the Municipality, the evidence against Easton was overwhelming. However, Easton unexpectedly tendered his resignation, effective 30 April, during the hearing ,” the release stated.

The Municipality accepted the resignation, which brought an end to the employment relationship, and the purpose of the disciplinary hearing was mooted.

“Easton is legally entitled to receive all benefits which accrued to him prior to his resignation. This includes past accumulated leave days and an old outstanding bonus dating back to the 2014/15 budget year,” the release read.

“The total cost of proceedings is yet to be finally calculated. The Municipality has a constitutional imperative to investigate misconduct and to discipline staff and the cost could not be avoided.

“We can assure the public that no settlement was entered into, and Easton was not paid out for the rest of the term of his contract. He will also not receive any bonus for the 2015/16 budget year or the 2016/17 budget year.”