With Municipal elections set to take place on 1 November, residents of Greater Knysna will be spoilt for choice when it comes to candidates and indeed parties. According to the list published by the Independent Electoral Commission, there are no less than 19 registered parties competing for the 11 wards in Knysna and two candidates running as independents for Wards 3 and 4.

Sedgefield and its surrounding rural communities are made up of two wards. Ward 1 is Sizamile-Smutsville; Rondevlei; Myoli Beach; Cola Beach; The Island and Hoogekraal, whilst Ward 2 is Sedgefield Town; Karatara; Farleigh; Kraaibosch; Fairview; and Barrington.

Ward 1 has 14 parties vying for a seat on the Council, while Ward 2 has 13. In some instances, the same party candidate is competing in both wards. Although this may seem strange, it must be remembered that candidates are not only competing to win their wards but also to accumulate the highest total number of votes in the Municipal Area for their party. These votes will go towards winning ‘proportional seats’ on the Council. Simply put, even if a candidate doesn’t win a ward, any vote they get will make a difference for the party. Of the 21 seats on the Council, 11 are ward councillor seats, and ten are ‘proportional’ – this is so that the total number of party representatives on the Council is proportional to the number of votes received by their parties.

According to information on the IEC website, the parties and candidates vying for your vote on 1 November are as follows:-

Africa Restoration Alliance: Venessa James (Wards 1&2)
African Christian Democratic Party: Rean De Necker (Wards 1&2)
African National Congress: Khayalethu Rhodes Henene (Ward 1) and Claudine Croutz (Ward 2)
Cape Independence Party / Kaapse Onafhanklikheids Party: Simon Povey (Ward 1) and Clayton Doubell (Ward 2)
Congress Of The People: Bavumile Jada (Wards 1&2)
Democratic Alliance: Levael Vincent Davis (Ward 1 and Mayoral Candidate) and Cleone Vanston (Ward 2)
Economic Freedom Fighters: Luvo Dayimani (Ward 1) And Yolelua Madolo (ward 2)
Good: Nataniel Oelf (Wards 1 & 2)
Knysna Independent Movement: Margaretha Susan Campbell (Ward 1) And Kirsty Hofhuis (Ward 2)
Knysna Unity Congress: Cecilia Mc Kay (Ward 1)
Patriotic Alliance: Donelyéann Oelf (Ward 1) And Calvin Jaysen Appels (Ward 2)
Plaaslike Besorgde Inwoners: Elsperth Hartzenberg (Ward 1) and Samuel Lodewyk (Ward 2)
The Organic Humanity Movement: Clint Vorster (Wards 1&2)
United Independent Movement: Dirk Beukes (Wards 1&2)
Vryheidsfront Plus: Stefanus Brink (Wards 1&2)