With a coalition agreement with Ward 4 Independent Councillor Velile Waxa, the Democratic Alliance (DA) has once again secured control of the Greater Knysna Municipality. This was made public at the inaugural Council Meeting held at Council Chambers on Monday 15 August. 

Good news for Sedgefield is that both the village’s ward Councillors – Levael Davis (Ward 1) and Cathy Weideman (Ward 2) have been elected for the 5 strong Mayoral Committee (MAYCO) – Davies holding the Technical Services portfolio and Weideman that of Community Services. Serving with them on the committee will be Executive Mayor – Eleanore Bouw-Spies,  Deputy Executive Mayor and Chairperson of Finance, Governance & Economic Development Peter Myers, and  Velile Waxa who will hold the Planning & Integrated Human Settlements portfolio.

During the recent Local Government Elections the DA won six out of the 11 wards situated within Greater Knysna. The final official results from the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) gave the DA 10 out of the 21 available seats in Council. Cope received one, as did the ACDP and the Knysna Unity Congress and the last remaining seat went to Independent Councillor Waxa.

After several meetings the DA entered into the coalition agreement with stalwart Waxa – resulting in the DA now officially being the party that will govern Knysna for the next five years.

At the first council meeting the newly elected Knysna Executive Mayor, Eleanore Bouw-Spies said that they will now put their much published manifesto to work in governing Knysna on the following five pillars: the opportunity town; the safe town; the caring town; the inclusive town; and the well-run town.

“We already have an approved budget in place to ensure that we can fulfill all we promised within our Election Campaign Manifesto,” said Mayor Bouw-Spies

She further gave the undertaking that the DA will continue to work hard to foster growth and delivery within Greater Knysna. “We will now continue our work towards a better future for all residents by delivering excellent services and achieving reconciliation through redress.”

Bouw-Spies says that public participation is something that she is passionate about. To her the effective handling of community queries and communication is of utmost importance. “The public participation and communications departments should sit side by side. Ward committee meetings should be attended by both. If matters are reported, discussed or decided on, there should be a communication strategy in place to ensure implementation is reported on and questions that arise get addressed. This is crucial and close to my heart.”

She adds that that economic growth within Greater Knysna remains one of the priorities. “When we have economic growth in Greater Knysna it creates job opportunities, this is why it is so important to continue to grow Knysna as a centre for business.”

According to Bouw-Spies the DA council also undertakes to stop corruption by increasing resident’s awareness of their anti-corruption hotline and anti-fraud policy. The DA has already taken steps to tighten up their Supply Chain Policy to comply fully with the relevant legislation.


The new Speaker of Council is Georlene Wolmarans.

The Municipal Council of the Greater Knysna consists of :

Ward 1 Levael Davis [DA]
Ward 2 Cathy Weideman [DA]
Ward 3 Mncendisi Skosana [ANC]
Ward 4 Velile Waxa [Independent]
Ward 5 Eleanore Bouw-Spies [DA]
Ward 6 Elrick van Aswegen [Cope]
Ward 7 Mandla Matiwani [ANC]
Ward 8 Victor Molosi [ANC]
Ward 9 Mark Willemse [DA]
Ward 10 Peter Myers [DA]
Ward 11 Donovan Pofadder [DA]

The 10 PR councillors will be made up of four DA, four ANC, one KUC and one ACDP. These PR councillors to be inducted are as follows:
Georlene Wolmarans
Luzuko Tyokolo
Martin Young
Sbusisu Kwinina
Ndoda Aubrey Tsengwa
Titi Elizabeth Gombo
Claudine Denise Croutz
Millicent Ntombise Naki
Shakespeare Arends
Welcome Salaze

In closing Bouw-Spies welcomed all to council and said that she is excited about the upcoming five years. “I welcome our opposition and look forward to vigorous debates. We are not scared of the opposition and know that through them Greater Knysna will experience a completely transparent Local Government, one that bides by legislature and one that is free of corruption.”


At approximately 16h00, Thursday, 11th August, NSRI Wilderness volunteers activated to assist with multiple fires that had spread rapidly across George, Wilderness and the Hoekwil areas.

It is believed that fires started in the bushes during Berg winds and in the heat of the wind fires spread rapidly threatening properties and homes.

NSRI Wilderness volunteers assisted in the Wilderness area protecting houses, assisting with First Aid and assisting Fire and Rescue Services and Emergency Services who were deployed to fight multiple fires that had spread across George, Wilderness and the Hoekwil areas.

Sadly at least 4 houses have been razed to the ground in Wilderness in scenes described as chaotic and that saw Emergency Services teams from the George and Wilderness Fire and Rescue Services, the WC Government Health EMS, Traffic Services, the SA Police Services, Disaster Risk Management, Working on Fire teams and two helicopters battling multiple fires spread across the area

Home owners, business owners and members of the public joined forces with the Emergency Services to assist.

Everyone came together to help to assist wherever possible, said NSRI Wilderness station commander Hennie Niehaus.

Fire teams are continuing to monitor the situation through the night and it is believed that the fires have mostly been brought under control. The Eden District Disaster Risk Management are providing updates to keep the public informed.

It is believed that no serious injuries were reported.



The municipal election in Knysna last week resulted in the Democratic Alliance winning 10 out of 21 seats on the new Council, one short of an outright majority. The ANC won 7 seats, while the Congress of the People, the African Christian Democratic Party, the newly-formed Knysna Unity Congress and an independent, Velile Waxa, each secured a seat. Knysna therefore has a hung Council. This means that, in order to govern effectively, the DA will need to secure the support of one or more the other 11 councillors.

It is understood that the DA has been engaged in coalition negotiations to secure compatible partners for a coalition and is confident that these talks will be successfully concluded by the time the new Council is inaugurated later this month. The Council will then elect its Speaker, its new Mayor (who will be the DA’s Eleanore Bouw-Spies) and the new Deputy Mayor. The new Mayor will announce the other three members of the Mayoral Committee. The Council will also appoint the members of the four portfolio committees of Council, as well as of all the various other committees, including the important Municipal Public Accounts Committee and the Council’s Disciplinary Committee.

Election day was cold, and rainy to start with, and the turnout was just below 64% compared to 66% in 2011. However, this turnout was better than the national average of 58%. The IEC generally acquitted itself well and there were few complaints, mainly in some of the traditional ANC wards where the contest was fierce. The leaders of the DA and the ANC, Ms Bouw-Spies and Victor Molosi, both won big victories in their wards: Bouw-Spies with 74% of the vote in Ward 5 and Molosi with 70% in Ward 8. The COPE leader, Ricky van Aswegen, won his party’s only seat by squeaking through in Ward 6 in Hornlee by 26 votes over the DA candidate, Pastor Jan Davids.

In Ward 4, Waxa achieved a remarkable victory, in what was considered to be a safe ANC seat, by receiving 1274 votes against 1036 votes for the ANC candidate. As a community leader, former ANC councillor and union leader, Waxa is expected to make his presence strongly felt in the new Council. The other surprise-package of the election was the Knysna Unity Congress, whose Monwabisi Salaze secured a proportional representation seat for his party. As a recognized community leader, he should also be able to make valuable contributions to the Council’s operations.

In the Sedgefield area, the DA comfortably retained its two seats with increased majorities. In Ward 1, Dr Levael Davis increased the DA majority from 198 votes to 342 votes, while in Ward 2 Cathy Weideman’s majority over the ANC was 1777 votes compared to the DA’s 1507 votes five years ago.

Knysna is about to join another almost 30 municipalities all over the country that have entered the era of coalition politics and, although the suspense following the election should be resolved soon, it is to be hoped that whichever parties form the governing coalition, Knysna will end up having a stable and competent government for the next five years.


Friday 22 July. An horrific fire has gutted numerous homes in the Beverly Hills neighbourhood of Smutsville, Sedgefield.  Though fire crews from Knysna and Eden fire departments joined the Sedgefield firefighters, by about 2.00 pm the blaze was not out, though it looked to be under control. 

The cause is not yet known, but it is believed that the fire began between 11 and 12, and with a strong wind blowing it was minutes before flames were spread to several ‘informal’ homes. Whilst the firefighters and municipal workers desperately tried to douse the blaze and minimise the damage, members of the community did their best to move the contents of the homes to safety. The pavements and roads were piled high with furniture, clothes and other personal belongings.

13 Homes were destroyed, affecting 22 families, and heartbreaking scenes unfolded as some owners and their children arrived home to find all of their worldly goods destroyed.

According to Christopher Bezuidenhoudt of Knysna Municipality Communications, the families will be temporarily housed in the Smutsville Community Hall, and have been supplied blankets & food parcels.  Human Settlements will take over on Monday in terms of the supply of new building material.

Should anyone wish to assist please contact the Sedgefield Fire department at 044349 2900.


NSRI are urging extreme caution around the coastline.

Storm conditions, strong gale force winds, rough seas, heavy sea swells and big surf conditions coupled with the full moon Spring tide will cause dangerous sea, surf and coastal shoreline conditions over the next 5 to 6 days.

The SA Weather Service has posted alerts warning of rough seas, storm conditions, strong gale force winds and storm surges and they are monitoring weather data charts to adapt warnings accordingly.

The full moon Spring tide peaks today, 20th July, and will add to the (forecast) storm weather conditions and cause dangerous sea, surf and shoreline conditions.

Spring tide conditions will last into the early part of next week.

Spring tide happens twice every month of the year, at full moon and at new moon, bringing higher than normal high tides, lower than normal low tides, and stronger than normal rip currents.

NSRI urge boaters, paddlers, bathers, sailors and anglers to be cautious around the coast during these storm conditions.

We urge sea users to watch weather warnings, have the sea rescue emergency phone number 112 programmed into your phone and only go to sea if it is absolutely necessary.

Anglers fishing along the shoreline, hikers hiking along coastal hiking routes, beach strollers, paddlers and boaters should be vigilant of the tides, breaking surf along the shoreline, higher than normal high tides, lower than normal low tides, stronger than normal rip currents and rough sea conditions.

Anyone launching any kind of craft to go to sea should let a responsible person know your launch time, your exact route and your return time. Stick to your intended plan and let the responsible person know of your safe return.

Boaters and paddlers can make use of the NSRI free phone app RSA SafeTrx to further enhance personal safety – see SafeTrx on the NSRI web page

Boaters and paddlers should carry safety equipment easily accessible while on your voyage – wear a properly fitting life-jacket when underway on water, carry red distress flares, a cellphone with emergency numbers programmed into your phone and the phone in water tight sleeves and fully charged, a hand-held VHF radio, a referee whistle, a signalling mirror or computer CD disc that can be worn around the neck and used with sunlight to signal your position to search parties, bright and reflective clothing, reflective tape on your craft and a water proof torch.

This NSRI alert is intended as a warning to the public to be cautious, responsible and safe around the coastline and to exercise responsible safety at sea during the (forecast) dangerous weather conditions affecting the coastline during this period.



SANParks rangers are currently monitoring Swartvlei Lake on the outskirts of Sedgefield  for evidence of more injured flamingos, subsequent to a horrific accident this morning (18 July) in which a number of them flew into a nearby power line parallel to the N2. Thus far, two dead flamingos have been found by the rangers whilst another badly injured one had to be euthanized on site.

Furthermore, four seriously injured flamingos were collected and rushed to Tenikwa Wildlife’s Rehabilitation Centre for treatment of cuts and bruises sustained.

Jonathan Britton, SANParks Ranger for Marine in Wilderness, says he is planning to approach the relevant authority regarding the power line in question to see if there are any measures that can be taken to minimise the re-occurrence of such an incident. SANParks wishes to thank Tenikwa who came through to assist SANParks, as well the concerned members of the public who alerted us to this unfortunate incident.

Picture provided by Tenikwa


SAPS MEDIA CENTRE yesterday afternoon reported the sad news that they have found the body of Gideon Mativo, the local man who has been missing since 25 June. Four arrests have been made in the case, including one man who is suspected of being the murderer. This same man led SAPS to Gideon’s body which had been placed in a ditch and covered up.

Gideon, a well-liked man whom many will remember from Sedgefield’s Mosaic Market and his jewellery stall at Eden Meander, left home late on that Saturday afternoon to go and pay wages, but never returned.

As the evening wore on and she was unable to reach him on his cell phone his wife Caroline became more and more concerned, and eventually called the police. A friend of the family reports that she had then been told by the SAPS member on duty that she would have to wait 24 hours before she could report a missing person.

A case was finally opened at Conville Police Station, and an extensive search was undertaken. Fears grew worse for Caroline and their three children when SAPS discovered Gideon’s vehicle, a Nissan Qashqai, burnt out in a field near Thembalethu. It had been stripped of its wheels and various other parts.

The investigation extended further, including the search of several small dams in the area by police divers. This joint operation was eventually to include SAPS members from Conville, George, and Thembalethu stations, as well as the Hawks Organised Crime Unit, the Outeniqua Canine Unit and several detectives from the Eden Cluster.
Eventually there was a break-through when police found car parts belonging to the Mativo’s vehicle. This led to the arrest of three suspects on Monday 11 July and a further arrest of the murder suspect the following day. This suspect led the SAPS detectives to where Gideon’s body had been hidden in a ditch near Ballots Bay. He had been stabbed several times in the upper body.

Captain Malcolm Poje said that the four suspects will be in court on Thursday 14 July, facing various charges including murder, theft, and malicious damage to property. He said that Cluster Commander Oswald Reddy offered condolences to Caroline and her family, and commended the SAPS members involved in the investigation for their dedication to bringing the suspects to book and giving the family closure at last.


Lize Maree, a bedridden 38 year old Hospice palliative care patient from Sedgefield, had a dream come true earlier this month when she had a personal visit from her favourite artist…

‘We are all Beautiful. We are all magical, deserve to be adored…’ sings Kahn Morbee of the Parlotones, and he must know what he’s singing about since it made him and the Parlotones internationally famous.

Surely there are none more beautiful than those who are in service to others? The team from our local Hospice and Kahn Morbee himself provided a shining example of the kind of people that we should all strive to be.

Lize’s mother Bets says that despite being bedridden, Lize is in good spirits and pretty much like any other 38 year old woman. She has long been a huge fan of the The Parlotones and one of her biggest regrets is that she never attended a live concert of theirs. Members of the Hospice heard about this and obviously some thought wheels started turning. Days later who should walk through her door? None other than Kahn Morbee himself!

After a recent series of gigs in and around the Garden Route, he had been contacted by Hospice and asked if he would consider popping in to say “Hi!” to Lize, and that’s exactly what he did! The artist spent some wonderful one-on-one time at her home, really getting to know her. In star-struck Lize’s words, “This is the best day of my life!”. At the end of the visit the happy lady added “The best thing about being sick is Hospice.”

Thrilled with how the day turned out, Hospice PR lady Ashleigh Sanders Smith said “Knysna-Sedgefield Hospice recognizes that our patients need and deserve to have holistic care, covering their physical, psychological-social and spiritual needs.”

Well done to the team at Hospice that made it happen and kudos to Mr Morbee on being not only an excellent artist but a true ‘mensch’ as well. We will never really know of all the work that Hospice does in our community and we’ll never be able to thank them enough.


Knysna Mayor Georlene Wolmarans yesterday released the following press release.

At a special Council meeting held on Tuesday 5th July 2016, the Knysna Council considered allegations of serious misconduct made by a member of the public against Mr Grant Easton, the municipal manager.

The Council decided after taking into account the relevant legislative provisions to appoint an independent investigator to conduct an investigation into the allegations. In order not to prejudice the outcome of the investigation, the nature of the allegations against the municipal manager cannot be made public at this time.

The Council also decided that in order to protect the interests of all the parties involved, including the municipal manager, to ask the municipal manager to respond in writing within seven days as to why he should not be suspended for precautionary reasons while the investigation is on-going.

The Council wishes to make clear that the decision to investigate in no way pre-judges the issues involved and has been taken so that the allegations can be fairly tested and that the municipal manager be given every opportunity to answer the allegations.



The Pick n Pay Knysna Oyster Festival begins on Friday this week, with a jam-packed programme of events guaranteed to keep locals and visitors of all ages entertained. Whilst the 10 day festival brings a much-needed influx of more than 50 000 excited visitors to the area, Garden Route residents certainly don’t shy away from joining in the fun that is happening right here on the doorstep.
Aside from the popular weekend sporting events, such as the Momentum Weekend Argus Rotary Knysna Cycle Tour (2nd and 3rd July) and the Momentum Cape Times Knysna Forest Marathon (9 July), highlights of this year’s Festival include:

Food and drink:-
• Look out for Oyster Hotspots – restaurants in and around Knysna and Sedgefield where you’ll find oyster specials and other interesting dishes over the 10-day period.
• As part of the Best of Brunch promo, local restaurants will serve up delicious takes on everyone’s favourite meal – brunch!
• The Knysna Wine Festival and Night Market will host some of South Africa’s best wine estates on 4 and 5 July where you can meet local winemakers, taste their latest wines and learn about the latest trends in wine-making.
As an extra treat, Heather Walters will perform live on 4 July and Robin Auld on 5 July.
• Seafood Wednesday takes place on 6 July, giving seafood lovers another chance to indulge in all manner of seafood. The event kicks off with a seafood walk-around at participating restaurants during the day; a seafood braai competition takes place in the afternoon, and the ever-popular oyster shucking and eating competition takes centre stage in the early evening.
• Flavours of Knysna served with Tabasco Sauce, also part of Seafood Wednesday, will see some of the best local eateries going head to head in the oyster stakes. We hear Sedgefield’s PiliPili (last year’s winnners) will be there to defend their title!
• The Oyster, Bubbly and Chocolate Experience will be hosted at the Simola Hotel at 18:00 on 3 July where visitors can enjoy instructional bubbly tastings from five different estates, paired with the decadent combination of oysters and chocolate.

Live entertainment:-
• The Comedy Shuckle is a Festival must-see, with top comedians Schalk Bezuidenhout and Kagiso Mokgadi ready to have you doubled over in laughter.
• The Exclusive Glenmorangie Whiskey & Live Jazz cruise is a festive addition to this year’s line-up on 3 July at 17:30.
• If the classics are more your cup of tea, then don’t miss the all-new Opera Gala Concerts on 7 and 8 July.

For the little ones:-
• The Pick n Pay Young Oyster Festival presented by Humpty Dumpty Windmeul Eggs will host fun cooking lessons and arts and crafts for two to 10 year olds. This will take place 2 – 9 July from 10:30 to 15:30 and on 3 July from 10:30 to 13:30.
The Young Festival, situated at the Main Festival Pavilion, is open from 09:00 – 15:30 daily, will include lots of entertainment and is ideal for creative kiddies.
• The Momentum Health Kiddies Zone is a fully supervised, secure and fun area for children aged two to twelve, with great age-appropriate activities such as jumping castles, sand art, colouring and drawing as well as jumping rope games. It is also at the Festival Pavilion and runs from 09:00 to 16:00 daily with extended hours on 4 & 5 July until 21:00
• The Dare2Dash obstacle course is situated at the Festival Pavilion and is open from 10:00 to 15:00 daily

Trail runs
• The ELEPHANT Free Range Trail Run offers three of the most beautiful trails in the Knysna area. These are scheduled between 3 – 8 July at 09:00.
• The Momentum Health OatWell DualX, powered by PeptoPro, will be at the Festival for the first time this year and offers the best of both trail running and mountain biking. The start is at the Festival Pavilion on 7 July at 08:00.

A change of pace
• For those who’d like to take things at a slightly more relaxed place, also on the cards are bridge tournaments and bingo on 1 July, a bowls tournament from 4 – 7 July and the all-new Forest Family Dam Ride on 3 July.

For the full programme and details about all events, registration and ticket costs, please visit or follow the Pick n Pay Knysna Oyster Festival on Twitter @OysterFestival or on Facebook/KnysnaOysterFestival for daily updates.