According to a release from the offices of Lorraine Botha MPP, Western Cape Spokesperson on Community Development, The South African Social Services Agency (SASSA) has lost an estimated R800 million to corrupt practices in the entity and of that amount, a mere R1.5 million has been recovered.

On 31 May SASSA briefed the Standing Committee on Community Development in the Western Cape Provincial Parliament (WCPP). It was revealed that between April 2015 and March 2016, a total of 18 807 disputes had been logged with SASSA.

In April 2016 alone, a total of 1 846 disputes were logged with SASSA in the Western Cape. It is clear that beneficiaries cannot rely on the Dispute Resolution Mechanisms (DRM), which are meant to resolve cases of beneficiary exploitation.

It was revealed that beneficiaries received falsified SASSA forms that were used by insurance brokers to fraudulently take out insurance on behalf of beneficiaries. It also emerged from the briefing that third parties are obtaining confidential details of beneficiaries from FICA and not necessarily from SASSA.

Here we are again after the run of our annual comedy, this year’s ‘Unnecessary Farce’ by Paul Slade.
With Richard Payn (Winner of the Guineas Award 2016 – as in the best Scottish Piper in the country) setting the tone as the audiences arrived for a night at the theatre – Sedgefield style.

Six nights of laughter rocked the school hall venue as the seven players stomped, sneaked, fell around and got shoved into the boards. The Farce Side theatre group has been at it for three years now and with four shows under their belt the talent is really obvious. This year’s newcomers, Cornel Delafield, Elaine Hannah, Tamsyn Godfrey and Mike Young were buoyed (as we all were) by the laughter and applause from the audiences each night. That is after all, what we do it for!
The generous response from our audiences on all platforms has been overwhelming and extremely positive;
“To the amazingly talented cast of 2016. I went in expecting to giggle or maybe even chuckle. What I didn’t expect was to laugh from my belly again and again. Thank you so much for warming up winter, putting a smile on our faces and blowing us away with your startling talent.” Pam Booth

“… we want to say Thank You so much for your (The Farce Side’s) wonderful production. Congratulations to you and your whole team. We so enjoyed it and all the laughter it brought. Fabulous! You did Sedgefield proud.” Jackie and Peter Weaver

“I was super impressed with the tremendously entertaining and well-executed play, Unnecessary Farce!!! You did great!!” Saskia Vershoor

As with any production by The Farce Side there is a lot of gratitude to our very local supporters! Herewith the list. Without these people, companies and businesses, none of the magic would be possible:
The families and friends of each and every cast and crew member of this production.
Scarab Village who provided rehearsal space for the first two months.
Lemon & Lime – the best box office in town.
Build It, Forest Lodge Nursery, Debbie and Deon Snyders, Twinx Costumes, Pick ‘n Pay and Sergeant Sonja Stander .

Lastly, the announcement that everyone has been waiting for, the raffle winner of the fan memorabilia from the set of ‘Unnecessary Farce’ – the set of Three Flying Ducks from the Claymore Pots Studio goes to Cheryl Ferreira!

Congratulations Cheryl! Enjoy the revival of these classic pieces of décor.

THE MUNICIPAL budget for Knysna for the 2016/17 cycle was tabled yesterday by Executive Mayor Georlene Wolmarans as part of her final State of the Town & Budget address.

During her address on Tuesday 31 May, themed “A prosperous future for Knysna,” Mayor Wolmarans touched on the highlights of the past term and shared her vision for Knysna for the years ahead: “It is my sincere hope that the next council will build on the achievements we have attained during this term in office and will strive to overcome the challenges that faced us over the last five years.”

Mayor Wolmarans touched on the activities and projects of each directorate, while identifying the pertinent challenges that will be addressed during the next financial year. After concluding her review on the wellbeing and future of Knysna, Wolmarans turned to matters of Rands and Cents.

“The budget for the next financial year continues to reflect the strategies and priorities of the town, chief among them the need to address our dire water security issues”, Wolmarans said in her initial remarks.

“The new budget for Knysna Municipality amounts to approximately R912 million comprising of R174 million in capital expenditures and R738 million for operating expenses. This constitutes a considerable increase of 16% on the adjusted budget for 2015/2016 which amounted to a total of R789 million.”